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Posterity Thinkers is a leadership and human capital development institution, providing a variety of professional training courses, advisory and other consultancy services to individual clients and organisations. We nurture the future talent pipeline through our expertise methods in Human Capital Development.

Our Initiatives

Leadership and Development

Posterity  Thinkers  Leadership  and  Professional Development  is  a  progressive  education  and  training platform  for  multiple  disciplines, which  advances  the competitiveness  of  seasoned  managers  and executives. Our  trainees  are  challenged  with  new insights,  high  energy  learning  exercises,  cutting  edge and  research-proven  leadership  practices/ tools, ongoing  mentoring  and  the  chance  to problem-solve with  cohort  peers  collaboratively.  

It prepares and develops well-rounded, value-added thinkers and decision makers. The training packages are designed to develop:
❖ Leaders of People and Organisational Change.
❖ Strategic Thinkers and “Imagineers.”
❖ Innovators and Growth Seekers.
We offer a highly customised approach to training based on international standards and market needs. We collaborate with established and successful partners to deliver excellent training courses, which provides platforms for practical application with firsthand experiences. Upon completion, we award international recognised certificates to successful candidates by international professional Institutes, and we award internationally recognised certificates to successful candidates. It also provides platforms for practical application with firsthand experiences.

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Social Entrepreneurship

Posterity Thinkers’ Social Entrepreneurship incubates and accelerates social entrepreneurs by driving social innovation and transformation in various fields, namely, education, health, environment and enterprise development. It addresses the root problems of poverty through the power of business and innovation to provide sustainable economic and social impact.

We leverage the entrepreneurial spirit and innovative ethos while encouraging approaches that combine investment and philanthropy.
Social Entrepreneurship invests:
❖Middle stage, for-profit enterprises to build strong and sustainable
❖Partner to scale up businesses at that critical middle stage.
❖Train and incubate entrepreneurs and connect them with investors.


Recruitment and Traineeship

Posterity Thinkers Recruitment and Traineeships provide dedicated support to organisations across the private and public sectors through our specialist, highly respected and well-established consultancy that understands the requirements of employers and how to meet these needs. We equip young people with training, volunteering and work placement programmes. Primarily focus on facilitating and equipping young people to contribute as active and productive citizens in their society.

The Service gives invaluable transferable working skills and social capital that enables
candidates to access gainful and mainstream employment. It brings together educated young
people, communities, and the public and private sectors with a shared purpose, to make
employment and traineeship a valued part of people’s lives and society.

❖Human capital development.

❖The cultivation of young generational leaders (school leavers) and early professionals.

❖Innovative talent sourcing and training approach based on clients and market needs.

What Makes Us Unique

Our Training Model

❖ We offer bespoke training programmes wherein most or all of the training materials delivered are either; researched, created specifically or devised through consultation with our client.

❖ Our bespoke training programmes are effectively implemented to ensure Return on Investment (ROI) on our clients’ bottom-line.

Our Methodology

❖ We have a provision for Post Implementation Impact Study and follow the ADDIE approach of Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation and Evaluation. 

❖ Our methodological approach is mainly applied on an iterative basis, with evaluation leading to re-analysis and further design and development modifications. This approach enables our instructional designers and trainers to provide more effective quality designs that clearly define learning objectives and provide structured and coherent content that are measurable.

Our Accreditation

❖ We demonstrate our commitment to the highest quality of training delivery by utilising international benchmarks and quality-assure our training against international standards. 

❖We offer full accreditation of our courses by the Institute of Training and Occupational Learning (ITOL) in the United Kingdom. 

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First Class Professionals

Leadership and Human Capital Development remains the centre stage of our scope. In contemporary Sierra Leone, there is visible evidence that skills gaps and organisational learning are major challenges for leaders. We provide expert training and education, suitable for an array of industries.


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Our Clients



It was a great expierence, the trainers were great teachers, and worked with us on our level.

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Bokarie Thomas

I learned so much, and everyone was nice. I will take my knowledge with me. 

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Rosalee Sesay

Great company to work with. Gave me a decent rate in exchange for amazing staff recruits! 

Macie Naquin

Changing Sierra Leone's workforce

"An organisation’s ability to learn, and translate
that learning into action rapidly, is the ultimate
competitive advantage."
-Jack Welch

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