About Us

Our Core Values

❖ We focus on doing right and being completely transparent in our works.
❖ We strive to maximise value for clients, both individuals and organisations.
❖ We are trusted to be ethical and fair at all times with colleagues, clients and stakeholders.

❖ We seek new ideas and opportunities to learn, grow, innovate and share insights.
❖ We expand educational opportunities in life-changing ways.
❖ We value optimism and the solvability of problems with a long-term view.

❖ We maximise our collective impact and want our community of learners, service users and partners, educators and employees to thrive as we each do our best to succeed and sustain our efforts.
❖ We operate with a generosity of spirit and have fun in the process of working together.
❖ We believe that teamwork based on trust and communication leads to outstanding achievements.

❖ We work in purposeful, strategic, and resourceful ways for continually learning.
❖ We adhere to the highest standards in ethics and professionalism.
❖ We operate quality assurance procedures to continuously monitor and improve our performances as we strive to go above and beyond delivery expectations.

Our Mission

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❖ To provide high quality, cost-effective bespoke training courses with practical action focus for private and public sector organisations.

❖ To support skills acquisition through traineeship and nurture mutually beneficial partnerships that transform individuals, organisations and society at large.

Our Vision​

Our Vision at Posterity Thinkers is to develop and unleash a network of productive leaders. Our leaders evolve into champions for sustainable socio-economic development, whilst staging the enabling environment for the pursuit of continuous knowledge and growth. Strategically we coordinate resources to deliver excellence in traineeship, social entrepreneurship, and pathways to sustain gainful employment.

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Our Accreditation

Fully Accredited


As part of Posterity Thinkers value addition, our courses are accredited by the Institute of Training and Occupational Learning (ITOL) in the United Kingdom. ITOL is an external professional body that provides independent, external certification for our high-quality training and learning activities. ITOL is advanced and internationally recognised as a learning and development professional body. This global institute body offers membership presence on every continent. ITOL is proud to play its part in supporting and developing Posterity Thinkers. We demonstrate commitment to the highest quality of training delivery by utilising international benchmarks and quality-assure our training against international standards. 

Internationally Recognised

ITOL certified courses follow internationally recognised best practices in adult learning.


ITOL ensures the quality of all its members courses.

UK Based

The Institute of Training and Occupational Learning is based in the United Kingdom.

Meet The CEO

Aminata Wurie is a qualified educator with experience in Organisational Development, Workforce Planning, Innovative Performance Management, Training Program Construction and Strategic Recruitment and Placement. She is passionate about Executive Leadership and Skills Development and has an advanced understanding of the human relational approach in different cultural settings both in developed and developing nations.

Aminata is highly effective in facilitating expansive visons, implementing workable solutions with the practical application of design and technology across a broad spectrum of functions and disciplines in diverse businesses and operating environments. She has led initiatives to improve human capacity development outcomes in Sierra Leone. She works closely with a highly-informed network of internal and external business experts to deliver valuable insights and perspectives to aid the acquisition of executive leadership proficiencies for senior management and today’s business leaders in Sierra Leone. 

Aminata’s academic credential includes a Diploma in Training Trainers, BSc (Hons) in International Social Policy and Criminology, and MA in International Relations –Globalisation and Politics. She has also studied Executive Leadership at the Jack Welch Management Institute and is an associate of the African Leadership Institute, an elite group of Africa’s highest potential future leaders. Her experience includes working with the Justice System, Open Government, Multinational Organisations, Non-Profit, and Public-Private Management.

 Aminata Wurie

Our Team

Emily Cooper


Emily is an experienced learning developer with evidential track records of leading, designing and executing unique people initiative-focused projects. She has more than twenty-Five (25) in HR and Leadership roles included focus and work with key stakeholders to strategically plan and achieve organisational goals in the education and business development industry.

An accomplished HR professional skilled in customer service, coaching, education and training. Emily is a robust professional with a combination of both teaching and assessing/ verifying skills and learning. Positive record of challenging conventional approaches to drive forward change, demonstrating a commitment to creating a learning organisation culture that delivers continuous improvement.

June During


June is an Education and Training Consultant with a wealth of experience in designing, developing and managing curriculum and programme teams, leading and coordinating various disciplines in diverse educational and training settings. She is proficient in training operations, including planning, budgeting, communications, and administration.

June is a proven leader in driving enterprise-wide learning initiatives and strategic projects related to learning and development with sound knowledge of the latest skills and training developments, including apprenticeships, essential skills, and technical education in the UK. She is a qualified examiner and leads internal Quality Assurance for a range of management and vocational programmes. June is a qualified professional of Business Studies and Digital Skills with a Master’s degree in ICT in Education, an honours degree in Business Studies, and a Post Graduate Certificate in Education.

Foday Sillah

Foday Ahmed Sillah is a Certified Professional in Design Think, Digital Marketing and Project management. Additionally, he is an Onfrointier Expert, Enquire Expert; TEF Coach, Savvy Fellowship Mentor and a member of Sierra Leone Vetted Consultant with +16 years

He holds a Master in Business Administration - Management from the International MBA
Institute, Switzerland. Foday has a Bachelor of Arts in Community Development Studies,
Diploma in Project Management, and professional certificates in monitoring and evaluation,
procurement and logistics, entrepreneurship, servant leadership etc. He has delivered
successful consultancies for the Open Society Initiative for West Africa (OSIWA), West
Africa Health Organisation (WAHO), Rainbo Initiative, IRC, Restless Development, GIZ,
IOM, IsraAid, German Doctors etc.

Yasmine Bilkis Ibrahim


Yasmine Bilkis Ibrahim is a digital creator, activist, feminist and social entrepreneur. As an embodiment of all four, she believes in nurturing and stimulating young minds. She is a content creator, public speaker, business strategist and personal development facilitator. She is also a blogger, photographer, public speaker and facilitator.

She is passionate about Sexual & Reproductive Health & Rights (SRHR), digital rights, feminism, youth empowerment and writing. Yasmine cohosted the podcast Y Square POD that discusses living and working in Sierra Leone through a millennial lens and has produced 40 episodes featured in two international documentaries.
Yasmine holds a Division I Bachelor’s degree in French from Fourah Bay College (FBC) -University of Sierra Leone (USL) and a certificate in Global Health from the College of Medical Allied and Health Sciences (COMAHS) - USL.

Emmanuel Greywoode


Emmanuel is a Certified Microsoft Instructor and has extensive experience in facilitating effective professional and community training in the use of Microsoft Products. He has worked in IT for over 12 years and is a motivating communicator that fosters energy and enthusiasm for skilling across teams.

As a forward-thinking technical trainer, he has shaped best practices for deploying and delivering trainings to clients on the most innovative technologies relating to cloud computing. Emmanuel is apt at turning the abstract into concrete reality, has up-skilled clients in using recent technologies, and has coordinated the development and management of effective ICT policy across the public and private sectors. He is a sound system engineer and has spearheaded many IT-related projects over the years and holds a Master’s degree in IT, MCT, MSCA.

Fodie Paul Kamara

An Organisation Development Practitioner (ODP) with over 20 years of professional experience facilitating training and processes, including Public Policy and Advocacy, Sexual Reproductive Health & Rights, Gender Equity & Diversity, Report Writing, People Management, Communications Skills, Monitoring & Evaluation 

developing Concept Notes, Project Proposals, Strategic Plans, Communications, Resource Mobilization and Advocacy Strategies. Fodie is experienced in the use of Integrated Technical and Organisational Capacity Assessment (ITOCA) and Organizational Network Analysis (ONA). He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Education (B.Sc. Ed) and a Master’s degree in Development Management (MDM).

Our Strategic Partners


Posterity Thinkers has a pool of local and international training and development consultants with the requisite experience, competencies and qualifications for all our training suites and series. Our strategic alliances focus on designing and delivering learning solutions at scale to address the economic and skills priorities identified by employers and education practitioners. We pride ourselves on our collaborative approach, working hand in hand with our partners to ensure we achieve the best results for our individual and institutional clients.

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